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Directorate of Economics and Statistics
(Government of Meghalaya)

About Us

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is primarily engaged in the field of collection, tabulation, compilation, analysis, processing and interpretation of Statistical information pertaining to various sectors of the economy and disseminating of the same to the user agencies. The Objective is to coordinate of Statistical activities of all Departments of the state, monitoring and liason with various agencies of Government and supplying statistical data to Planners, Administrators in the form of reports to cater the needs of effective Planning Processes and administration of the state. Besides following up the Central Statistical Organisation’s guidelines in the matter of broad national Statistical system in the country and the state as well, the Directorate also collects and compiles data generated by various other departments as part of the functions and Statistical activities.

Brief Facts and Figures of Meghalaya

Particular Ref. Year Unit Figures
District 2022 No. 12
Sub Division 2022 No. 11
C & RD Block 2022 No. 55
Municipal Board 2021 No. 6
Towns 2021 No. 22
Cantonment Board 2021 No. 1
Lok Sabha Constituency 2019 No. 2
Rajya Sabha Constituency 2020 No. 1
Assembly Constituency 2023 No. 60
District Council Constituency 2019 No. 87

Meghalaya Stats
Meghalaya Population Statistics

Particular Ref. Year Unit Figures
Total 2011 No. 2966889
Male 2011 No. 1491832
Female 2011 No. 1475057
Rural Population
Total 2011 No. 2371439
Male 2011 No. 1194260
Female 2011 No. 1177179
Urban Population
Total 2011 No. 595450
Male 2011 No. 297572
Female 2011 No. 297878